The Future of Marketing

Seth Godin talks with Copyblogger's Brian Clark about the future of marketing.

From the article:

“If you’ve been paying attention to the world of work, the news is unavoidable. Everyone is bracing for a tech-induced transformation — and it’s already started.

“As a solo or small business person, technology allows you to do things that used to require scores of employees and tons of capital — and that ability will accelerate with AI. But it’s the human being at the center of it all that will ultimately determine if you succeed or fail.”

There is no doubt that technology's rapid advances will affect marketing in a profound way. Rather than fear change, though, one should embrace it.

Big things are (always) about to happen. Get in front of it and ride the wave!

Source: Seth Godin on the Future of Marketing – Copyblogger

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  • H Sharma says:

    Truly said, digitization will boost in the coming years.

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