September 21

The Easiest Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener


I'm sure I would have thought of this given, you know, the HUNGER…but carry a damned can opener with you if you have cans to eat out of, you SAVAGE!

(And speaking of TOOLS, check this out.)

One basic rule of life is that everything is easy with the proper tools, and nearly impossible without them. A great example of how this works is the can opener: Although we’ve had the pull-tab design since 1962, you can still somehow find plenty of canned goods on the grocery shelves that lack this simple advancement—and if you have one and lack a can opener, you will quickly learn the definition of futility.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible—cans are designed to be opened, after all, even if it doesn’t much seem like it after you’ve spent 15 minutes denting and cursing it. A can opener is just a sharp blade wheel that slices through the seal on the can’s lid, after all—the main problem with most attempts to open a can without one is that they resort to the wrong physical forces. A hammer is going to do a lot of damage to your can, but it probably won’t open it in any useful way. Here are the smartest and easiest ways to open that can without a can opener (and without cutting off a finger in the process).

Source: The Easiest Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener


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