success = opportunity + preparation

Yesterday, I picked up the kids from school. I wanted to ride home with them on our bikes or walk them home, but I just didn't have time. So I picked them up in my car.

Lucky me.

As we were driving home, Rowan, my 7 year-old, said, “Dad, some of my friends today saw a rainbow around the sun.” WHOA. That's cool.

Then, less than 2 minutes later, he said, “Dad, look at that!”

Opportunities and awesomeness are all around usNow, a caveat: It was way more awesome than this crummy photographer was able to capture. Actually, the true story:

In the 2 minutes it took to get home and grab the camera, the cloud iridescence had almost completely vanished.

There are at least three lessons here.

  1. Opportunity and wonder are all about us. We just need to look around and become more aware of what's going on around us.
  2. Awesomeness is fleeting. So are opportunities. Seize them while they're there. This means you must be ready when opportunities present themselves.
  3. Kids have better vision than we do. They don't have the filters yet. They haven't put up the walls. Learn from them.

Opportunities abound. You just have to be on the lookout for them. And, of course, be prepared when they do present themselves.



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