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Now we're cookin' with gas! (By the way, camping is a pretty cool niche.)

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Now that you have the background, it’s time to do the actual work of choosing a niche. It’s actually a pretty fun process. There are so many possibilities—both in the niche you choose and the amount of money you can make.

You could earn life-changing income from the niche you select. That’s pretty amazing, and it’s all made possible with internet marketing.

There are several different ways you could get started. I’m going to have you start in the way I think helps avoid “IM burnout.”

I want you to love your niche, follow through with marketing to that niche, and earn a great income from that niche.


That means starting with your passions.

What do you care most about in the world? What do you spend money on and think about most often? What would you be willing to spend day after day immersed in writing and talking about?

Sure, you want to make money with what you’re doing. But, you also have to like what you’re doing or you won’t follow through with it. Follow through is what most marketers have trouble with.

I have to caution you that just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean it will be profitable. Some people are surprised and saddened to learn that the things they like aren’t profitable after all—it’s even worse if they learn this after they’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to make it work.

You have to like it, but it also has to be profitable. What fits the bill for you? It’s time to think of ideas.

  • Think of what you spend your own money and time on.
  • Which forums do you belong to?
  • What and who do you follow on social media?
  • What books do you read?

There are some clues hidden there. If you’re already an expert in a particular niche, you’ll have a much easier time making money in that niche because you don’t really have to research it.

Takeaway: Yes, start with your passion. What you may have above-average knowledge in. But keep in mind the niche must have active buyers!


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