People share content because it's fun
Viral content is most often enjoyable.

This is an exceedingly simple factor but it certainly comes into play big time with viral content.

Here’s the scoop:

[tweetthis url=””]When people enjoy your content, they want to share it with others so that they’ll enjoy it too.[/tweetthis]

You can think of this factor as the “ice cream cone” of viral content. Eating an ice cream cone is enjoyable, right? But eating an ice cream cone with your best pals is even better. A shared experience makes a good experience even better.

So that’s what is at play here. On the one hand, people want to share their joy with others. In some cases, people share content with their friends so that they can discuss that content. (e.g., “Man, you have to see this video and tell me what you think about it.”)

And sometimes, people share content they think others will enjoy because sharing raises their status. That’s actually the next factor 🙂


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