Your brain loves new stuff
Your brain loves new stuff

It’s scientifically proven that your brain loves new stuff, especially when compared to familiar stuff. That’s why so many refer to the “learner brain,” as your brain actually rewards you when you see something new. Your brain wants you to actively seek out new stuff.

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Let me explain.

If you put something familiar in front of a person, the brain goes “meh.” That’s just a lukewarm response as far as synaptic connections go.

Now put something novel in front of the brain, and a part of the midbrain — which is the reward and pleasure center — lights up like a Christmas tree. Not only that, but this midbrain releases dopamine, which creates a very pleasurable feeling. You can get high and hooked on this neurotransmitter, which is exactly what your brain wants. It wants you to seek out new stuff, and every time you do, it gives you a rush of ultra-pleasurable dopamine.

So imagine this for a moment…

You put something unique in front of your prospects, and their brain is going to give them a mini-rush of good feelings. Now that they have a good feeling, they want to share this feeling. Bam, they hit the share button.

But here’s a problem:

How do you create something novel, when it seems like there is nothing new under the sun?

You don’t have to create something completely and 100% unique. All you have to do is take something old and give it a new twist.

Let me give you an example.


Have you ever seen those popular memes that go around the internet? Take the “Grumpy Cat” meme. It’s often the same exact photo of Grumpy Cat — and yet what happens is that someone adds a new caption to the photo, and the meme goes viral again.

See how that works? The photo is old, but the caption is new… and it still goes viral.

Another example…

Have you ever seen those lists, such as “Seven surprising things you can do with ____?” (Where the blank is some common household thing, like dryer sheets, dishwashing soap, or coffee grounds.)  Obviously, people know what to do with dryer sheets — put them in your dryer. But what these lists do is offer people new ways to use these items, which is very novel. And that’s what makes a person’s brain light up.

So the point is that it’s cool if you can come up with something totally novel. That will really light up your viewer’s brain. But if not, look for a way to put a new twist on something old.


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