Sharing viral content is easy
Viral content is easy to share

The Simple Truth: People are more likely to share your content when it’s easy to share.

Obviously, this overlaps with the previous factor in that content needs to be easy to access in order for it to be easily shared. However, we can take this all a step further with these tips:

  • Put your content on a viral platform. Facebook is one of the best examples here because the platform was designed for sharing content. All people have to do is click the “share” button. It doesn’t get much easier than that to share content.

TIP: Whenever possible, put the viral content directly on Facebook, rather than linking to your website. Content that you upload to Facebook is easier to share than content that you’re linking to offsite.

  • Install “share” buttons (I like the SumoMe plugin suite for WordPress). Let’s suppose you have some sort of content that you can’t upload directly to Facebook and other viral platforms. One example might be a smartphone app. In this case, you’d still advertise and promote the app on viral platforms, except people would need to come to your site to download the app. When they arrive, they should see “share” buttons so they can post about your app on Facebook, tweet about it, or even directly email their friends.

Pro Tip: When you want really good results (and when would you not want this?), create a call to action. This means you specifically tell people to share your content (and, when necessary, you tell them how to do it).

For example:

  • “Share this post if you agree with it.”
  • “If you love this video, just imagine how much your friends will love it. Click here to share it with them now.”
  • “Amaze your friends by sharing this with them now.”

So, please share this post if you like it 🙂 and leave me a comment so that I know you're getting something from these posts.

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