Locking down content is a bad idea
Don't lock down your content if you want it to go viral

This is actually a really simple and almost common-sense factor, and yet so many overlook it that it’s pretty amazing. Simply put, the idea here is that your content needs to be easy to access.

Now, there are two factors that go into accessibility. Namely:

  • The first factor is that anyone can access it. In other words, don’t lock your content down behind passwords, don’t make people join your list to get it, and don’t put it on a platform that’s only available to a minority of your audience.

For example: Don’t put a video into a format that can’t be accessed without special software. Instead, stick to major formats (like .MP4) and put it on YouTube where it’s accessible to everyone.

  • The second factor is that it doesn’t take long to access it. You may have an idea for the coolest-ever 45 minute video. But you know what? Most people are going to take one look at the length and decide they don’t have time to watch it. So keep the content short so that someone can view, read, or otherwise consume the entire thing within just a few minutes.

That’s the first factor for viral content creation. Pretty simple, right?

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