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Whether you create products, blog, give advice, or market for others, there are 5 things you need to do as an internet marketer.

I won't beat around the bush. Here they are.

5 things you need to do as an internet marketer

  1. Content
  2. Traffic
  3. Offers
  4. List 
  5. Monetize

It's that last one that is most elusive, no?

You may consider yourself “just a blogger,” but the bottom line (pun intended) is that it would be really nice if your blogging paid the bills, right, or at least was self-sustaining.

As a blogger, you want your message to be heard, read, or seen. That may be your ultimate goal: To get as many people possible following you and engaging with you and your message(s). In order to “keep on keeping on,” though, the blog really should pay for itself. This means your domain registration, hosting fees, any advertising you may do, etc.–your blog should earn you enough revenue to offset all of its associated costs.

It would also be nice if the revenue generated by the blog offset your labor costs.

You may not consider the time you spend actually writing your blog posts, maintaining and improving your website, and generating traffic as an expense, but guess what? It is. At the very least, there is an opportunity cost associated with your blogging.

And that's just blogging.

What if you create training products? There are other costs associated, like file hosting, getting ecovers and other graphics made, producing videos, etc. All of those things have costs associated with them so you should figure those into the bigger picture of how profitable your internet marketing business.

To me, it's okay if you just break even, especially if internet marketing is not your full-time occupation. (And note that by “full time” I mean whatever time you choose to spend doing it so that it earns you the income you need/want to survive and thrive). If you're just doing this as a hobby, it's even okay to run a little in the red. Of course, you don't want to go broke doing this internet marketing thing.

One last note before I get off my soapbox and tell you what I have in store for you.

All those products you buy because you “need them” to grow your business, learn more about the industry, or “stay educated?” Most of them are not necessary. At best, they will give you some insight into how to improve various parts of your business. But mostly, because you most likely won't do anything with them once you buy them, they are an out an out “fast food expense.”

You know, because fast food offers nearly zero nutrition for its seemingly low cost, it's still a cost with very little benefit.

Contrast this with an asset (which is either an income-producing thing or something you can convert into cash) like an autoresponder that you can buy or subscribe to (for example, Aweber) and you can easily see why buying stuff you don't use is neither income-producing nor convertible into cash.

In business, things you buy fall into two general categories: Investments or expenses. Investments are assets. Expenses are costs.

Build assets. Cut unnecessary costs. Buying crap you don't use falls into the latter.


Now, what do I have in store for you?

As you probably know by now, I've been conducting (mostly) weekly webinars that show you how to do stuff. Past topics have included content creation ideas, steps to writing effective articles, how to write an eBook, and much more.

5 things you need to do as an internet marketer

The rest of the year will be spent doing webinars, providing you with learning videos, and giving you valuable content that address those 5 things you need to do as an internet marketer.

I will try to boil down all that I have learned over the past 17 years into digestible chunks so that you can learn them quickly, easily, and as painlessly as possible. In fact, I think you'll find this learning process fun.

A little background on how this came about. I started out in 1996 as a technology consultant to small businesses. An outgrowth of building automated systems, servers, and networks was website building. I became a “web designer.”

I quickly found out that the saying, “Build it and they will come” doesn't really apply to internet marketing. Long story short, I branched out into the “new” field of search engine optimization (SEO) so that my customers would get traffic to their new websites that I had built for them. As the industry evolved, so too did my repertoire. I became an avid blogger then a social media junkie.

Learning all this was hard and took a lot of time. My objective for you is to cut your learning time as much as possible. I want you to learn what I learned in as little time as possible.

That said, ALL that I have learned since 1996 can be boiled down into those 5 things you need to do as an internet marketer. I will show you what they mean, how to optimize them, and what tools you can invest in to make the steps easier and/or faster.

Seriously. Of course, there are dozens upon dozens of “things” out there that you can put your energy into, but those are the “big ones” that you absolutely must focus on in order to build your internet marketing business.

Content –> Traffic –> Offer –> List –> Monetize

Nothing else really matters. It's a lot of action without many benefits. It's all noise.

This is the music. Come join my band. We'll make some glorious sounds.


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