January 6

Below is a sampling of testimonials from clients.

Teaches you how to build a better website!

Bill Davis teaches you how to build a better website!! I wanted to save a penny and build my own site because as a brand new local business owner I did not have a big budget. I struggled for some time before discovering his Internet Marketing Mastermind group, and at the first meeting I attended he set me on the right path!

My website, in a very competitive local market, comes up in the top pages, and he has been such an inspiration that I am now creating an online blog business. I could not have done this without his knowledge and ability to teach me.

Regan D Salon Owner

EXCELLENT Consultant

Bill is an EXCELLENT consultant.

A little while ago I was having trouble wrapping my head around some SEO concepts, and Bill too time out of what I am sure was a busy day to help me get my head around it. His way of explaining made it super simple to understand, and to go away and implement. If you need a website built or indeed want to work on SEO so you appear in the search engines, I would HIGHLY recommend you speak to Bill.

Tega D Marketing Genius

I heartily endorse your work

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for building, servicing, and promoting my website, bellydancebymelinda.com. Every time I've contacted you for assistance you've responded extremely quickly and have taken care of all of my concerns and questions.

Over the last few months, I have been getting more and more phone calls asking for my services, and when I ask the clients where they found me, they tell me they found my site online through search engines. Today I booked a job with Notre Dame de Namur University and in two weeks I will be performing at an Egyptian wedding at the Hayes
Mansion Hotel in San Jose, and the holiday season is just starting.

As if this weren't enough good news, I have also been able to reduce my advertising expenses by cancelling my paid listings on other sites where people search for performers. At up to $30 a month plus fees per booking, they weren't a cost-effective advertising medium, compared to my own site over which I have complete creative control and no

I heartily endorse your work and wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone looking for a new web solution for their business!

Melinda H Bellydancer

Excellent teacher & mentor

I’ve known Bill Davis as an excellent teacher & mentor in internet marketing. Then, as a great family man, and finally, as a personal friend. As Bill often says of others, “he’s one of the good guys”.

Whether you detest nerdy, technical challenges (like me), or are an accomplished digital wizard, Bill can help. With technical and strategic details, large & small – all benefited by his years of experience.

Yet, he speaks plain talk, breaking the complicated into understandable pieces. I like his old-fashioned courtesies and manners, too. You can trust Bill with your project and best interests. He’s a long-term player there when you need him.

Mike H Entrepreneur

All your advice works.

That secret weapon you showed me is blasting my website into orbit. I uploaded an article last night and today it's getting hits. All your advice works.

Billy R BBQ Boss

Working with Bill Davis at Internet Marketing Muscle has been an absolute pleasure. His strategic vision and content marketing prowess have been instrumental in the success of my real estate investment business. Not only has he been able to develop effective marketing strategies, but he has also been able to teach my virtual assistants how to execute them flawlessly.

His ability to break down complex concepts into understandable pieces has been invaluable in my business, allowing my team to streamline processes and achieve our goals. His energy and passion for his work are contagious and have inspired us to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

I am confident that Bill would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their marketing & strategic management to the next level. His dedication to his clients and his expertise in the field make him an indispensable asset to any team.

If you would like to submit a testimonial for me or my business, please do! I appreciate it.

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