stress is a silent killer
Stressed out? Me, too.

If you're like me, normal everyday stress…stresses you out. But you manage. Then something big comes along and…

…tips you over.

Like a couple years ago. Business was tough, it was hard to make ends meet, the family got sick (all 5 of us at the time), and I was the one left (mostly) upright.

Until my heart just decided it couldn't cope any more and went into a literal seizure.

Not a heart attack (thank you), but another heart condition that is more related to nerves than heart disease.

That's why this video struck me so hard. Not in a bad way.

Watch it. It's a short video. But it illuminates a lot.

The part about the nurturing is most powerful – how that nurturing affects genetics without altering the genetic material.

Amazing stuff. Especially important if you have kids.



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