(Note: This is the letter I sent out to my subscribers just a few minutes ago. I normally don't publish those letters here, but I wanted you—if you aren't a subscriber—to get a taste of what I send out. If you like it, subscribe.)

Putting perfume on a pig…or, how to put perfume on a pig…

That title really hits home sometimes. I bet it does for you, too. It's funny, too, because most of us got into the internet marketing business wanting “freedom,” and “money on demand,” and “our own business.”

Am I right? I know those were 3 things that I wanted when I started Internet Marketing Muscle.

And all in all, it's been great.

But sometimes…sometimes I JUST REALLY WANT TO SCREAM!!! Like that 🙂

I really do try very hard to pass on the experience and knowledge I have gleaned in the past decade or so (truth be told, I started “dabbling” in internet marketing in 2000 but I've been building sites and driving traffic since 1996).

Sometimes, you guys just don't listen :(I say that a little tongue-in-cheek. I've made a bunch of mistakes in this 10+ years odyssey:

  • Neglecting for years to build a list
  • Never “buying” my traffic
  • Trying to “to do it all” by myself

It's great to be self-sufficient. It's fabulous to “learn your own ways.” And it's great experience…

But sometimes, you just have to put your stuff down, listen to someone your respect in the business, and just do what he says.

I'm not talking directly to you on this. Nope. This is a pep talk to myself that I'm having in my head as I type.

I'm stubborn. I want to do it my way, like Frank Sinatra. I want to build my own business, my way, with my methods.

Today, however, I'm going to take my own medicine. I want more subscribers to IMM. Here's how I plan on doing it.

I will be following the advice and tutelage of an internet marketer who's been in this game longer than me; he's somebody I look up to.

In fact, I own nearly everything he's produced the past few years because it's just really good, sound stuff that works if you put the principles and methods he shares to use.

His name is Paul Myers and he runs a little business rag called TalkBiz (go there first, if you want a taste of what he's got to offer). He's been publishing it consistently for over 15 years now. I read every single word of every single issue. In fact, Paul and the TalkBiz newsletter are the ONE CONSTANT in my internet marketing education over the past 5 years.

<— http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/talkbiz –>

Well, he's put the finishing touches on a brand-new product that he calls the “Profit Plan.”

<– http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/profitplan –>

It's loaded to the gills with highly useful stuff. But the bottom line is it's the cure to what a lot of us struggle with, sometimes for years.

The Profit Plan not only lays out a “grand plan” for your internet marketing business, but it also shows you how to implement that plan all the way down to the day-to-day details.

See, some of us are great at strategizing. We like to make plans. Perfect them. Get them just right.
And then we lose focus, move onto the next thing, and start over, where we build a new plan.

Ain't that grand!

Others among us get mired in the details. We know what we're supposed to do, but technology or some method throws us for a loop and we sit there, paralyzed, not knowing how to take the next step.

If you are either of these people (I vacillate between both—which is HORRIBLE), you need to take a look at the Profit Plan.

<– http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/profitplan –>

Right now, it's only $27 (Paul could change that price at any time and I have no idea what his plans are) and it comes with a load of content that you can put to use right away, including mind maps and 9 PDF reports that cover everything from getting started to follow up funnels to using skype groups in your marketing and a whole lot more.

It's a ton of information but it's broken up into easily digestible bite-size pieces. Pick one, read it, learn it, do it. Then move on. Easy.

I bought this myself and I love it. There are 162 ways just to build a list! That's crazy. And smart.

Pick up a copy today.

<– http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/profitplan –>

Bill Davis
This is what I do –> http://internet-marketing-muscle.com
Learn how to build your own online business –> http://theultimateguidetoplr.com

PS—I don't even know how that title and its follow up relate to this product. It's solid, it definitely doesn't stink, and you won't have to put perfume on it or on yourself (unless you want to)!

<– http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/profitplan –>


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