Some Email Stats

Email is your best bang-for-the-buck marketing channel.

NOTE: Make sure you read the PS near the bottom – it's very important).

Here's your “cut to the chase” link –  

Did you know?

  • Nearly 250 BILLION emails will be sent today.
  • For every dollar you spend on email, you get a return of $38!
  • Engagement rates on emails are TWICE that on Facebook.
  • Over 70 percent of consumers WANT email as their primary source of communication between them and a company.
  • Almost 90 percent of smartphone users actively check email on their phones.
  • 3 BILLION people use email every day.

Those are some REALLY BIG NUMBERS, no?  

My point?  

If you aren't using email in your marketing, you're missing out.  

Ever notice how who we consider “expert marketers” send out daily emails? Sometimes, they send out multiple times a day.  

And their stats prove it:

They sell more.  

But maybe you don't want to sell. (Yeah, right.)  

Or you don't want to “piss off” your subscribers.  

You need a mental shift. You do.  

Think a little differently (screw you, Apple and your “think different” campaign from the '90s)…  

Think about how your subscriber feels when you don't communicate with them…  

…when you don't share your knowledge with them…  

…when you don't let them in on an insider secret or deal.  

You let them down.  

It's YOUR JOB to inform, to confer your knowledge to them, to teach.  

That's what I try to do with you. I'm your professor.  

I don't hide things from you. If I find something cool, I share it with you.   That's how email SHOULD work.  

Switching gears. Last week, I told you about some training I bought. It was really good. Perhaps some of the best training I've ever seen in the marketing realm.  

So I bought the private label rights to the training.  

I really want you to take a look at it.  

If you want to maximize your email marketing efforts, you need to learn the nuts & bolts of Aweber.  

This training does that.  

There are two ways to buy:

  1. Here or
  2. Here

The first way is to buy right through the purchase page link.  

The second is to sign up for my Level 1 membership where you get the Aweber training included.  

It's your choice. But please pick one. It doesn't matter to me which one.  

I really think you'll learn a ton and get over the hump on not knowing enough about the system that you won't use it at all.  

Here's a brief summary of what you get in the training:

  • Aweber system overview
  • List Creation and Settings
  • How to Import Subscribers
  • Forms
  • How to Create Broadcasts – Part 1
  • How to Create Broadcasts – Part 2
  • Follow ups
  • Blog Broadcasts
  • Basic Automation
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Parsing & Integration
  • Introduction to Campaigns
  • Creating Campaign Messages and Specific Campaigns
  • Creating A Trigger and Using the Canvas
  • Actions
  • Customize Actions
  • Activating and Editing a Campaign
  • Conclusion and Campaign Wait Time  


PS – You can get the Aweber training today for $20.

OR you can be even smarter and become a Level 1 member today and get the Aweber training PLUS:

  • WP Prime
  • WP Content
  • Internet Marketing 101
  • WP Speed
  • Niche Marketing
  • Checklist Marketing
  • The Mind Method

Now, it is a $10/month recurring membership. I am adding loads of content every week, so you'll probably never run out of training material.

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