Social Media Resource Guide

I was talking with one of my Meetup members tonight who wants to learn more about social media, so I thought I would take the opportunity to put together a social media resource guide.

Of course, something like this can never be “complete” – it's a living, breathing “thing” that is obsolete as soon as I click “Publish”. I will try to keep this one updated as new information and best practices come to light.

The first place anybody interested AT ALL in social media should go is to Social Media Examiner. That isĀ the authority site about social media, bar none.

Social Media Today is an excellent social media resource, especially for news related to the practice.

Mashable is another great resource for social media news.

It you want a killer, comprehensive social media tutorial that covers just about everything you'd ever need, check out MOZ's guide to social media.

Alltop has a great collection of the top social media sites. Check it out here:

If you want to see how a real live person does social media, look to none other than Amy Porterfield.

Finally, the folks at Hootsuite are offering a social media certification program. It's actually offered at a variety of universities, too.


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