This is really just a preview of something exciting to come, where you can automate posting your website feeds (yes, multiple) to social media networks (think Web 2.0 and blogging platforms like and

It uses, Hootsuite, and your RSS feed. It offers the following benefits:

  • Once set up, it's completely automatic
  • Gives your websites exposure to multiple social media outlets and blogging platforms, which gives you dozens of backlinks all at once, driving your websites up the search engine ranks
  • Builds backlinks not only to your "money" website but also gives authority to your "tier 2" websites via "backlinking the backlinks" (think linkwheel without any complexity or models to follow)
  • Can be easily "supercharged" using multiple RSS feeds to exponentially ratchet up your website search engine results

There is NOTHING "blackhat" about the method. You simply set up several (okay, A LOT) of social media profiles, manually, and then set up the process in a specific way. The key player in the process is

Hootsuite makes it capable of supporting multiple feeds. More on that later.

I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this is going to be. I'll outline the entire project in a subsequent post and I most likely will sell the detailed project in a little ebook (for less than $10) if you want the nitty gritty details (which you will–trust me on this).

Look for a complete post in the next few days.


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