Want to discover emerging marketing trends that you can put to work right away? Wondering what top marketers think will matter in 2023? In this article, 28 marketing experts share their predictions to help you remain relevant and gain a competitive edge.

2023 Content and Marketing Strategy Trends#1: Brands Prioritize LinkedIn and TikTok

While I'm personally bummed about what's happened to Twitter in the latter half of 2022—since it’s where I’ve had my largest, most engaged audience—I think these changes will continue to bring about some much-needed reflection and recalibration for marketers in 2023, particularly those (like me) who might have relied a bit too heavily on Twitter.

For many brands, the changes at Twitter have created a clear conflict with their stated ideals, mission, and purpose. No doubt there’ll be plenty of consumers who are watching to see how their favorite brands prove their commitment to those values… or don't. It’ll be interesting to see which brands end up pulling their advertising budgets from Twitter in 2023, or leaving the platform entirely. I'm sure I won't be the only one keeping an eye out to see which ones stand strong in those decisions.

Let's face it: for those of us who were active on Twitter, it could easily become a pretty significant time-suck. Whether folks abandon the platform entirely, reduce ad spending, or even just cut back organic activity, that newfound time means there's bound to be some exciting new developments on the docket for social media marketers in 2023. I'm excited to see which marketers and brands discover previously neglected, overlooked, discounted, and ignored opportunities for brand- and audience-building on other platforms.

Source: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023: Predictions From the Pros : Social Media Examiner


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