Social Media is the buzzword phrase that everybody seems to be talking about. While social media matters, it is important that you NOT stop running your business so that you can devote more time to posting Facebook statuses, "tweeting," and the like.

Let's face it: You are here because you want to learn more about social media and how to use it to market your business. Always remember, however, that those marketing objectives you wish to pursue must be adding value to your business.

Most importantly, any social media marketing you take on must have a positive return on investment. Think of it this way: Every moment you spend on social media sites, getting the word out about your business, is time you must take away from doing other things for your business.

So, any money you may have earned while actively pursuing your business objectives will be foregone while you "sit and tweet."

None of this is to suggest that social media doesn't matter. It does. It matters a lot. The point here that I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't be spending inordinate amounts of time on social media at the expense of actually running your business.

What's been said above can best be accomplished by taking stock in your social media efforts, evaluating whether they're meeting your business objectives, and then improving your results.

This really is Step #1 when it comes to social media marketing. If you haven't yet taken on any social media marketing, then you simply need to make a plan. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Take a step back. Evaluate all of your social media "assets." What accounts do you have set up, which accounts get the most activity, and which accounts can you abandon? There's no reason to keep a MySpace account up-to-date if nobody's looking at it. However, if you're getting good interactivity on Facebook, you may consider spending more time on it and letting MySpace go.
  2. Step #2 can be found here.
  3. Step #3 can be found here.

Remember that the whole reason you're doing social media in the first place is to that you can build your business. Social media works best when you make it easy, fun, and / or productive for prospects and customers to interact with you and your business. In short, keep the customer in mind when contemplating any social media marketing endeavors.

Make sure you head on over to Social Media 101 Step #2. It builds on what we have talked about here.


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