You've heard it all before – "The Money is in the list!"

That's partly true.

You have to have ready, willing, and able buyers of whatever it is that you're selling (and it doesn't have to be a product that you created – it could be an affiliate product, a service, or a physical good).

Jimmy Brown is well-known for his success in building email lists of just those buyers – Ready, Willing, and Able. In this report, Six Steps to Six Figures with List Marketing, he tells you exactly how to make profits from an email list. It goes something like this:

  1. Promote your list
  2. Reward the opt-in
  3. Offer a proposal (often neglected)
  4. Fixate attention
  5. Initiate a response
  6. Thwart the filters

Of course, I could lay it all on the line here by re-hashing the report, but why do that?

Jimmy is a consummate professional and I'd be insulting him if I just copied his report and put it in my own words.

Seriously, this is must-have information if you want to build a long-lasting and profitable online business (it works even if you're "offline" as in "brick-and-mortar" or a service business).

(Once you buy the report, you own the Reprint and Resell rights to the book.)


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