Six Productivity Tips That Will Make You More Productive Online

Productivity tips to help you do more

6 productivity tips to make you more efficient online

Below is a presentation I delivered last night (after SO MUCH heartache dealing with a laptop whose hard drive is slowly going “kaput!”) about some productivity tips that you can use to get more done online, whether it's for business or personal use or for your career (i.e., J-O-B).

[slideshare id=51505486&doc=bestofslackerize-150811150833-lva1-app6891]

I shared things like:

  1. a much better Windows clipboard manager,
  2. a tool to use that lets you “forget” all your passwords (a handy password manager called LastPass),
  3. how to download YouTube videos (even ones you don't own),
  4. a few ways to eliminate the noise from your Facebook newsfeed,
  5. a neat headline generator, and
  6. a nifty automation tool that is brain-dead simple to set up and use

I share a lot more productivity tips like this in the Slackerize Newsletter, including tips that help you in your “offline” world, like cooking, cleaning, exercising, and getting the most from your mind, body, and spirit.

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  • Mark says:

    Thanks Bill!

    I can definitely see how your incredibly practical six tips,
    can help make us more productive.

    I’m particularly interested in #’s 4 & 5! And # five seems
    like it would lots of fun to experiment with thanks!

  • Those all look like great tips, Bill.. Speaking of Facebook noise, that’s one reason I’ve been going through my friends list and culling out a lot of people I haven’t been interacting with, or have nothing in common with any more. I’ve also had to close the live feed on the right sidebar because it’s just plain too distracting.

  • Bill Davis says:

    Yeah, I love lifehacks and stuff that enhances my productivity. I, like you, am a very busy person and being able to wring out a few more percentage points each minute, hour, day is critical.

  • Bill Davis says:

    Willena – I need to do the same. I’ve recently taken a “kinder, gentler” approach to this – by unfollowing everybody that I don’t really interact with. I don’t see their stuff but I’m still friends and can still check out their wall when I want 🙂

  • Hi Bill. These are fantastic tips! I love the idea of using a tool that will help me remember what seems like a zillion passwords! And having something to help generate headlines would be great on those days where the creative juices aren’t just flowing as freely as they could.

  • Bill Davis says:

    Yes, Karen, those are two of my favorite lifehacks! The other ones are great, too.

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