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According to Statista, email marketing revenue will reach $11 billion by 2024. Another survey shows that 37% of companies have increased their email marketing budgets for 2022, while less than 2% of brands have reduced it. With these statistics in mind, the question “is email marketing dead?” seems redundant.

However, email marketing can only be considered effective if your prospects and customers click through to your offers, recommended reads, and more. Are your emails click-grabbing enough?

In this article, we’re aiming to answer this question and give you some actionable tips on how to increase your email CTR. Read on for insightful benchmarks and useful advice!

  • What is CTR in Email Marketing?
  • How to Calculate Email CTR?
  • What is a Good CTR for Email?
  • Which Factors Impact Email Click-Through Rate?
  • How to Improve Email CTR?
  • 6 Best Practices

Source: What Is a Good Email CTR? (+ 6 Pro Tips on How to Increase It) | Databox Blog


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