7 days to better website rankings
Take these 7 steps for better website rankings

As an SEO consultant, I have a bunch of knowledge, tools, and resources at my disposal that I can use to get better website rankings, almost at a moment's notice. In this post, I'll share with you how you can get better website rankings in as little as seven days without resorting to my “tools of the trade.”

First off, you will have to do some work. I know, the “internet lifestyle” would suggest that you do nothing, the search engine rankings rise, and you make money hand over fist.

Of course, it doesn't work that way.

Seven Days to Better Website Rankings

It's easiest to break this down into 7 daily tasks.

  1. Write a kick ass post. Make it good. Concentrate on a single keyword phrase. Make sure your onpage SEO is spot-on. Read about onpage SEO best practices here.
  2. Produce a video about the topic you wrote about in Step 1. Link back to that post in your YouTube “description.” Tag with your keywords.
  3. Post the video on Facebook. Write some descriptive content using the same keywords.
  4. Submit the post and the video to Twitter (i.e., tweet about it).
  5. Write a blog post at blogger.com or wordpress.com using the same keywords as in Step 1. You can use the same content, but I suggest you re-write it or start fresh. Place a link somewhere in that content to the URL in Step 1.
  6. Tweet about and submit the URL from Step 5 to Facebook.
  7. Submit the URLs in both Step 1 and Step 5 to Social Monkee. With the free version, you will get 25 backlinks per day from social media sites.

Seven Days to Better Website RankingsIf you follow these steps with every blog post you make, you will ratchet your way up the search engine results pages with a pretty small effort.


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