Internet Marketing Muscle offers many services, most of which are custom-made for your unique business needs.

Four of the services I offer on a more global scale are copy writing, website creation, press release writing and distribution, and social media marketing.

  1. I write killer copy: Sales copy, email copy, press release copy, social media copy.
  2. I build conversion-focused websites. Each maximizes the one thing you want your website visitors to do. ONE THING. It could be an email opt-in, watch a video, sign up for a free product, or buy something. But ONE THING.
  3. I write badass press releases that get you media exposure. I use the best PR wire in the business. Each costs a lot of money. But they are 100% worth it.
  4. I help you develop a social media strategy and implementation plan. I typically don't “do” social media for you, unless you're a retainer client (then I do it ALL). You are responsible for your content. But you and I will work together to build a plan and routine.

Most often, these are closed programs that I  use with my existing retainer clients. From time to time, I open up these services to the general public.

When you are in need of any help, please reach out to me using the form below. Tell me what you need and leave a good contact email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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