SEnukeLet's face it: If you run a website or create information products, there often seems to be too little time for too much to do. After all, your product is what you want to sell and spending time there making it the best it can be is where you should really spend the bulk of your time.

Marketing, in a perfect world, would be a secondary thought.

But the world isn't perfect. Marketing matters. A LOT!

But I've been using a tool that makes a lot of your promotional efforts a lot easier to handle. It's called SEnuke and it is a true time-saver. This is not going to be a full-on review or how to use the product. There are a ton of videos for learning how to use it and there is plenty of evidence it works. If that isn't enough, I'm putting together a series of webinars on how to use SEnuke. The first one is tomorrow, August 30. It's free.

But I digress.

I simply wanted to point out that SEnuke is a tool I use and you should check it out. It can be frustrating to learn how to use at first. There is a steep learning curve. But it's worth it to learn.

Things like syndicating your blog posts, building backlinks faster, automating pinging and RSS submissions – you can do all this and more with SEnuke.

Once you know how it works and have developed a tactical plan on using it, SEnuke will save you a ton of time doing stuff you manually do (or outsource) today.


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