Everybody laments poor traffic. But there's one thing that's psychologically worse than poor traffic and that is untargeted traffic. Imagine that you finally got some good traffic numbers (perhaps through a Stumble, a Digg, a FaceBook post, or a Tweet) yet you still didn't sell anything.

I can tell you that I've been in both places (no traffic AND a ton of traffic with no sales) and it's the latter situation that totally sucks!

The key is getting targeted traffic to your sales page. Once you get targeted traffic (ready, willing, and able buyers), you still have to persuade them to buy your products and/or services. That's what this series is about: Your Sales Page.

It takes special talent to convert “browsers” to “buyers.” Below is a simple 11-step process to help you with the task.

Step1:  The “May I Have Your Attention, Please” Box

The first thing we want to do is get the reader's attention focused in on a major benefit of your offer.  Have you ever heard someone begin talking on a loud speaker, “Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention, please?”  That's exactly what we hope to accomplish as soon as the visitor arrives at your website.

We want to get their attention.  Now, traditionally, this would be done with a headline.  But, I like to do things a bit differently than everybody else, so this is what I do: Instead of using the headline first, I use what I call the ‘”May I Have Your Attention, Please' box”. Others may call it the “pre-header.” Whatever you call it, call it effective!

Take a look at an example:


This is really a glorified headline.  It is a headline on steroids.  Because it is highlighted in a box, it grabs much more attention.  And when it grabs your attention what are a few things that leap out at you?

Immediately you see the “3 *Exclusive* Free Bonuses” and the “You Won't Find Anywhere Else Online!”  Notice the reason you saw those two things so clearly:  The first is highlighted by using a different ink color and the second stands out because it is underlined.  Two easy things to do that really grab the reader's attention…

…and they take less than 5 seconds to create.

You might also have even subconsciously soaked up the “order today.”  In this “attention” box, you’ll notice several things…

  • You become aware that you've got some bonuses awaiting you.  If nothing else, you'll probably be interested in at least seeing what they are – since they are exclusive.
  • You’ll become aware that you are about to find something that you can't find anywhere else.  There is something at THIS website that is unique and different and nobody else has it.
  • A subtle seed gets planted that you need to order today.  Before you even get to the offer, you’ve been presented a call to action.

I have done extensive testing on sales with and without this “attention” box.  I’ve found that they  outpull the sales letters that did not have the box almost 2:1.  How else can you DOUBLE your sales in less than 30 seconds of work?

I highly recommend that you use one of these boxes as the FIRST point of contact with the reader when they arrive at your website.  Here are just a few ideas of how you can use this “attention” box…

  • Hit them with a powerful and significant benefit.
  • Make some attention-grabbing promise.
  • Offer some kind of freebie or discount.
  • Refer to a deadline.
  • Mention your bonuses
  • Include a testimonial from a well known “guru” in your field.

Whatever you do, use this section to convey to the reader that there is a reason to stick around.  The web moves at the speed of sound, so you don't have long.  Make a strong immediate impression and let them know that it will be worth their while to take a closer look.

Next up: The Headline, of course!


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