In our last installment, we went over benefits. We told the reader what results they might expect if they purchased our product. Now it's time to see if they want more.

I've never been to McDonald's or any fast food place (or even a restaurant for that matter) where they didn't ask me “What else do you want?” It comes in various forms, of course…

  • Would you like fries with that?
  • Would you like a drink with your order?
  • Are you saving room for dessert?
  • Would you care for some appetizers to begin with?

Basically, what they are asking is, “What else do you want?” Ad copy isn't much different, only you provide the answers to the question before the reader even asks.

In other words, your ad copy spells out clearly what the reader wants…

…and then promises to deliver it.

In your ad copy you want to explore as many of the things people want that can be obtained from your product. Actually sit down and write out a list of as many different things your leads would like to receive as it relates to your product. Let me give you an example. Here is a short list of things that you might think your prospects would want from an information product about newsletters…

  • All of the information that they will need in order to launch and profit from an Internet newsletter.
  • Answers to all of the questions they have about publishing an Internet newsletter.
  • Not a lot of fluff, just the information they need.
  • Specific instructions for beginners and little known advanced tactics for seasoned veterans.

Knowing that your product DOES in fact deliver those things, it is easy to write a few lines of copy addressing those very wants…

In Profit Pulling Newsletters, I cover everything you need to know to rake in profits from your very own ezine. In fact, I compiled a list of the 25 most frequently asked questions about publishing an ezine…
…and I answered every single one of them! That's right, in Profit Pulling Newsletters you'll discover the answers to those burning questions that everyone wants to know. Everything is covered in these 80 pages of nothing but the facts…

Do you see how easy it is to deliver in your ad copy exactly what your reader is wanting? All you need to do is THINK like your website visitor. Get into his mind.

You can even set up a survey or poll with a free prize and let them TELL you what they want in a product before you even begin writing the ad copy! Or, visit some forums and ask questions. Contact your friends and associates online. Ask your mentor. Read the popular ezines in your target field — there are lots of ways to find out what your visitors are looking for.

There are a few questions that I like to ask in order to think about what your visitor is probably wanting that you can use yourself in developing ideas for your own ad copy…

  • What are some intangibles that are important to my prospect? Possible answers: Step-by-step instructions, answers to her questions, personalized assistance, input from “experts,” scientifically proven results, sympathy for his situation, someone who's been in her shoes, etc.
  • What are some problems that my visitor is facing, and how will my product solve them? HINT: Use your ad copy to PRESENT a problem the reader has and then offer a solution. Here is an example…

    One of the biggest problems that most eBusiness owners face is generating traffic to their website. It seems like everyone has “ideas” — but these “ideas” don't seem to be producing results. Have they worked for you?
    Finally, someone is going to show YOU some tactics that really produce. Here are thirteen easy ways you can attract more visitors to your website…

  • What might happen to the prospect if her problems remain unsolved? Spell it out…

    I've seen way too many people develop a great product, put up a perfect website and sales letter, and then watch it just sit there because they didn't know how to attract visitors. They invest all of their time and money into opening their cyber-doors only to realize that they have no customers walking in. And so they quit in failure.
    But that's not going to happen to you! Because you WILL generate traffic to your website. Here's how…

Explore the mind of your visitors. What do they want? Do they want fries? How about dessert? An appetizer? Something to drink?

Let them know that they'll get exactly what they are looking for when they order your product.

Up next, Part 7: Bringing back the reader. (When interest fades, use sub-headlines)


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