In our last installment, we went over Involvement. We got our reader's attention and then got them involved in a conversation with themselves where they had to ask some questions. Their answers led them right here.

Here is where you grab your 9MM handgun and start unloading your clips. You fire your big gun of bullets. In other words, you begin to immediately launch into a list of BENEFITS to the reader. Remember, we left off with “which category are you in?” question. Here's what might follow…


See what happened? We listed the 6 of the most important benefits to the reader in a “bulleted” list. You've got them in your sights now, so fire away with your best shots. Give them the best stuff, the most important benefits to them. You want to answer that age old question,

“What's in it for me?”

Make sure you focus on the BENEFITS to the reader and not the FEATURES of your product. No one cares about your grass seed, they just care about their lawn. They don't care if you have the top selling course in the world, they just care about how it will help them. No one cares about hearing of your awards and accolades, they want to know how they can

(a) eliminate pain, or
(b) increase pleasure

Here's your chance to tell them. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to sell the lead your product. I know that may sound contradictory – since you are wanting to sell the product. In your ad copy you NEVER want to try to sell the lead your product. Instead, you want to sell them the END RESULT of using your product. Remember, we make purchases for those two reasons (eliminate pain, increase pleasure). What is the END RESULT going to be? What can they expect to achieve in using your product or service? Will they lose X pounds? Will they earn X dollars? Will they become more popular? What can they expect?

How will they benefit?

Give them a *reasonable* expectation as to what your product will produce in their lives. Word to the wise: don't hype. Nothing blows it quicker than to say something that is completely unbelievable. After all, would you keep reading if someone wrote, “Lose 75 pounds overnight?” Or “Retire as a millionaire by the end of day?” C'mon, we're emotional creatures, but we're not stupid. Don't make outrageous claims, but do point out the benefits of using your product or service.

Got it?

Up next, Part 6: What else do they want? (Upsells, add ons, and extras)


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