Last time out, we talked about keeping your visitors' attention. Now, we're talking about involvement.

This is where the fun begins! When a fish bites into your hook, what do you do? You start reeling it in! When a prospect bites into your sales letter, you do the same thing. You've got their attention, now use it. Don't get in a position like the dog who finally caught the car he was chasing and didn't know what to do next.

You've got your prospect's attention, now use it. Use their own curiosity to pull them in, but now that you've got their focus on your letter, make it PERSONAL by using an “interest builder.”

You want to make the reader know that you are talking to them personally. And you do this by making sure they understand that they are INVOLVED in your sales letter. Let me give you example. Remember this?

This might be followed up by this:


Now, we have INVOLVEMENT. We have the reader interacting with the sales letter. We have him asking questions to himself, “Which of these two categories am I in?” And, we also probably have him answering the question to himself, “That's me in Category…”

The purpose of this INVOLVEMENT is to let the reader know “You're included.” “This is for you.” “What I am about to share is specifically for the situation that YOU are in.” “This is going to be what you are looking for.”

The more involved you can get the reader, the better chances of a sale you will have. Now, they are thinking about our offer. They have a personal stake in it now. They belong.

Notice that there are no exceptions to the categories that I have chosen here. You must fall into one or the other. This isn't a coincidence — it's by design. You want to set up some universal classifications here. Something that every single person can fit into. That way, each person that reads it knows that this is for them. No one is left out.

You want interaction. You want the person pondering what you are saying. In this case, we wanted them to either be thinking, “You know, that's me. I'm clueless. I know I need a newsletter, but I don't have any idea of how to start.” or “I already have the best darn newsletter in the business…but I sure would like to earn more sales with it!”

Bottom line, I don't care which category you're in…just listen up to what's next, because it's for you. Guaranteed. That's where you want to leave them…

…knowing that the very next thing you say is specifically written with them in mind.

Which brings us to Part 5: What's in it for them? (Benefits)


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