RankBuilder versus SEnukeIn my set-up post to this, Is RankBuilder Better Than SEnuke?, I posited that if RB were even close to SEn in terms of effectiveness, it would be a winner, based solely on value (performance to price ratio).

I sadly have concluded that it's not even close.

I tried RankBuilder for the full week before I asked for a refund. I really did. There were some nice features and qualities about it, but it just didn't come near SEnuke in terms of performance.

And to think that I — and countless others I've talked to — had a difficult time grasping the concepts behind SEnuke and an even harder time getting the damned thing to work consistently…

RankBuilder was even worse.

First off, it didn't really work well without a proxy, unless you're in the US (which I am, so nothing lost for me). And it doesn't come with a built-in proxy (SEnuke comes with many proxies and the ability, which RB has too, to add your own).

Secondly, the configuration was even more confusing and required more effort to set up than did SEn. I didn't really think that was possible. There was also an issue that I couldn't get around about email verification: If I stopped in the middle of a verification session, RB forever more thought that I was finished. Each time I went back in to complete the task, it did nothing and said I was done.

The videos and support with SEnuke leaves a lot to be desired. But they were both worse (not horrendous, mind you) with RankBuilder.

Some of the videos weren't even done prior to launch. I cannot comment on whether that was the case with Nuke because I hadn't used it until just a few months ago.

I will say that the Profile module of RB was outstanding: Many, many sites on which to build a profile, and easy setup and follow-through. It was incredibly far superior to SEnuke.

However, it was unclear from the get-go that 2 separate programs were involved here: Rank Builder and Profile Builder. I didn't see anything about this discussed in the sales page, nor in the documentation or tutorials. Might have been my oversight. I'm kinda stupid sometimes (okay, well, all the time — but to my kids I'm a freaking rocket scientist).

I also like how SEnuke is integrated with The Best Spinner, which I really like. RB, if I recall correctly, has some spinning abilities, but it didn't include my favorite, so I kind of soured on it from the beginning.

I think the product creator, Alex Goad, is a standup, honest, ethical Internet Marketer. I really do. And I think the product will get better and better. I firmly believe that.

And I don't think RankBuilder sucks. It's good, just not great IMHO.

But right now, for me, SEnuke is the better product and the better value. Plain as that.

(As far as the title goes, David didn't really get his ass kicked by Goliath. He just got beat by the better man that day.)


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  • Yikes…if I get what you're saying, you're saying that (more or less) RankBuilder is a decent tool, but much less intuitive than SEnuke.
    If that's the case, then it looks like I will be staying away from RB…SEnuke made me drink enough in my month-long fiasco I like to call my 'usage' of SEnuke (lol).
    Thanks for the insight, Bill.

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