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Product Launches SUCK!

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by “Piggybacking” on top of successful product launches

From: Bill Davis, Internet Marketing Muscle

Re: “Piggyback” Profits

Dear friend,

There has been a lot of talk about “product launches” in internet marketing circles for some time.

In fact, it’s become somewhat of a “niche” within IM (much like email marketing, viral marketing, article marketing, etc.) with many articles, reports and products devoted to the topic.

For the record, just so we’re all on the same page, here is a working definition of a “product launch”...

A product launch is the sum total of your marketing activities to produce as many initial sales as possible of your newly created product.

That’s obviously a desirable result … as many initial sales as possible. But, how does it work?

The 7 Basic Steps Of A Product Launch

A very generalized view of a product launch looks something like this…

  1. Build a list of prospective buyers in your target audience.
  2. Develop a hot product that is in demand by your list.
  3. Tweak your sales process until it is rock-solid.
  4. Create pre-launch buzz by “teasing” your subs with details.
  5. Find influential partners to promote you on “launch day”.
  6. Create more buzz by revealing case studies of results.
  7. Announce your product to list on launch day with some kind of limit or deadline to further get them to act now.

Now, to be sure, there are a lot of “parts” within each of these steps, but that’s the basic overview of what a product launch looks like.

Sounds easy, right?

If it’s so easy, then why is it that “gurus” are the ones who predominately pull it off? How often do you really hear about an “average Joe” who makes a splash with a product launch?

The Truth Is The Average Person Won’t See Significant Results From A Product Launch.

There are a variety of reasons for this, but perhaps the most critical is the fact that the average person can’t get influential partners to promote their offer for them as part of the launch.

Pull that out of the “formula” for a product launch and you basically have yourself sending out mailings to your own list.

The truth is, without the leveraging from partners’ existing influence and assets, your product launch isn’t going to make much of a splash in the overwhelming majority of cases.

So, What Does Work For The “Average” Person?

What I’ve learned from experience back when I was a “nobody” is that you can “piggyback” off of others!

The definition of “piggyback” from Dictionary.com does a very accurate job of portraying the idea here..

To use, appropriate, or exploit the availability, services, or facilities of another.

A “piggyback” product launch, therefore, is to use the existing leverage of someone or something else to launch your product.

That is, if you don’t have a list, an affiliate program, a network of partners, a group of people who will help you launch your product, you can “piggyback” off someone who does in order to successfully launch your product.

I’ve put together a short, 19-page report entitled Piggyback Profits.”

“The Hands Down, Quickest, Most Effective Way To Sales ”

There’s no question that a successful product launch is THE hands down, quickest, most effective way to get sales for any new product. Some internet marketers have successfully sold millions of dollars in just a few days with a good launch. It’s not uncommon to earn thousands with the right launch formula.

When you grab your copy below below here are a few things you’ll learn in this short, power-packed read…

  • 3 surefire ways to get a steady stream of free traffic for any new product or service that you create.
  • How an “average” internet marketer can get sales rolling in without existing assets and “buddies” to help them.
  • Why 98% of those seeking partners to promote their offer get turned down … and how you can use a top-secret method to land even the biggest prized partners.
  • 2 great case study examples of how to “piggyback” your promotion without even getting high-profile partners lined up…folks will promote you automatically.
  • 3 reasons why you should use my #2 “piggyback” idea, including why it almost always garners extremely high conversion rates.
  • 3 ways to implement idea #2, including a simple way to “speed up” your results by contacting specific kinds of sites.
  • A 4-step system for getting “extra” promotion power without investing a single penny (This is idea #3).
  • The real “mother lode” of this method … because your immediate and ongoing sales are just the “icing on the cake.”

These are ideas that “really” work for those who put them into practice. They aren’t a lottery ticket or magic beans, but they work when used. And that’s what you’re really after, right? You’re an intelligent person…you know there is no magic when it comes to internet marketing. (Although there are plenty of magicians making your money disappear, right?!)

I won’t be pulling any sleight of hand here. Nothing up my sleeves. This is information that works on its own. I don’t need any smoke and mirrors.

What This Report Is NOT… (And / or who this report is for)
This report is just that … it’s a report. It’s not some comprehensive, systematic course that teaches you how to dot every “i” and cross every “t”. It’s not an Encyclopedia.If you’re looking for something like that, you’re in the wrong place. This is a 18-page report that normally sells for fifteen bucks. Don’t expect a degree in product launches as if this was some kind of collegiate course. It’s not.

To be sure, it’s jam-packed with exactly what I’ve told you is in it. And it’s worth easily 5X what I’m charging. But, if you’re expecting every detail to be explained at great length, don’t buy.

It’s not for beginners.


If you aren’t satisfied with this report for any reason – and you’re not ashamed to ask for less than fifteen ten bucks back (lighten up…I’m just kidding!) – I will happily refund your full payment with no questions asked at your request.

Honestly, there’s no question in my mind that you will LOVE this report. You’ll probably smile like a kid thinking “I spent more on lunch than this!” What a deal. Seriously. What a deal.

Listen, there’s no big build-up here. I’m not gonna try to “persuade” you to buy this report. Good grief, it’s fifteen ten bucks. If you get half an idea, it’s worth much more than that. You’ll probably spend more on video rentals this weekend than this.

Download your copy now…


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