Wow! What a weekend!

I – and about 150 others – attended a two-day seminar in Las Vegas called Practical Profits Live, where we not only got to see awesome presentations from some of the best of the best in internet marketing, but we also got to meet them, talk with them, do deals with them. And…get this…

We got to meet a ton of really cool people in the crowd, some of whom were very successful in their own right. THAT was a HUGE benefit to being there.

(If you want to see the “winner” of the Practical Profits Presentations, scroll to the bottom. Of course, the winner is unofficial, as this is my contest.)

Anyhoo…onto the meat of this…the presentations for Day 2. See all about Practical Profits Live 2011 Day 1 here.

First up was none other than WSO madman, John Rhodes. In “How to Get Money and More Cool Stuff,” John talked about how making very small mental shifts can have tremendous effects on your business. He likened it to 2 runners, both gunning for the finish line 100 yards away.

Both runners were equally talented and prepared–but one runner was on a treadmill. He was going nowhere. The other runner was down the track as soon as the starter's pistol had fired.

Now, by making a very minor shift, the treadmill runner could make a HUGE difference in his output, simply by taking one little sidestep off the treadmill and onto the ground.

See how awesome that is?

John finished up with an acronym: ABS

“Always Be Selling”

Next up was Keith Dougherty. I didn't know much about Keith up to this point. I had been on a couple webinars he had put on and I think I had even bought one of his WSOs.

Keith is a relatively new success in the internet marketing world. He has come from being a police office (we all know how little they make for putting their lives on the line every day) to a probably 7-figure earner.

In “Product Creation Formula,” Dougherty laid out his template for product creation. It's very simple:

  • Blueprint (mind map)
  • Video (Camtasia)
  • Audio (strip audio out of Camtasia video)
  • eBook (basically a transcription of the video into a pdf)

Simple, right?

He also laid out 4 methodologies for product creation. There is the

  1. Instant goodwill model
  2. Workshop model (this is KILLER)
  3. Quick Stack
  4. Big Ticket Mover

I won't get into the entire thing here (maybe a future post? Tell me in the comments).

Zane Miller, of “Hacking YouTube” fame, told the audience about how being in the “Shark Tank” at the Orlando Practical Profits show changed his life. Truly inspiring, “if I can do it, you can do it” sort of thing.

(Note to self: Don't be late when you're a presenter.)

Finally, there was none other than Flock of Seagulls / The Cure combination madman, Brian G. (or was it J.?) Johnson!

Undoubtedly, the best speaker at Practical Profits, by far.

This cat was dynamic, powerful, full of energy, and best yet, really down to earth and helpful.

I immediately got it. Brian and I made a metaphysical connection while he was up on stage (and we confirmed it later–at the bar, where all good business and personal deals are made).

Brian summarized his entire online business thusly:

  1. Help
  2. Have fun
  3. Make money

Without #s 1 and 2, #3 really is kind of sucky. Furthermore, if you take helping people and having fun to heart, making money will naturally follow.

How does he do it?

  • Focus
  • Drive
  • Action

I can't wait to get this cat's presentation because he blew through it with so much raw, emotional energy that I got caught up in it and forgot to take notes!

That's it! Practical Profits Live 2011 in Las Vegas was a great event! If you're even just a little bit interested in making a go in internet marketing, I highly encourage you to find a way to make it to the next event.

I want to give a very special thanks to Tim Castleman. He made this event–for me–a very special one.




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