Press Release Writing, Publication, and Distribution

Part of any solid (i.e., good) marketing plan is a public relations campaign that includes press releases.

Well-written, conversion-focused press releases are a specialty of mine. I encourage you to hire me to write some for you.

Now, you can have the most well-written press releases on the planet, but they won't do anything for you or your business if nobody sees them.

And that's where most press release programs fail.

See, what happens often is you hire (or write yourself) a press release. It may or may not be any good. But what happens next is what kills any chances for success: Distribution.

Most people pay as little as possible for press release distribution. Their press releases get published on some obscure “pr” site and NEVER get picked up by news outlets.

That's where eReleases comes in. They are a full-service press release distribution company. They write releases, too, for a nominal fee. But what they do best is two-fold:

  1. They use PR Newswire for distribution. It's the industry standard. It's expensive. But it's 100% worth every penny you pay. And I have a “back door” into it because I'm an agency. This means I can pass the savings onto you.
  2. They have direct connections to journalists in dozens of industries which means you have a higher likelihood of getting your press release picked up by actual news sources.

DO NOT underestimate the significance of that last point. It's super-important. And it's why I use eReleases for distribution.

When you're ready to pursue a public relations campaign using press releases, contact me.

Prices start at $1,000 each. I do campaign-based pricing, though, so ask for pricing on bulk orders.

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