blog posting frequencyAh, this post has two purposes. First and foremost, I wanted to tell you why I've been pretty quiet here on the site.

I've been busy 🙂

I got together with a fellow internet marketer and we did a joint venture. It did pretty well and opened a couple doors. We've been working on a lot of simultaneous projects since around September. We did our first WSO near the end of September (you can see it here–it was called “The Ultimate Guide to WordPress“) and have put together quite a nice portfolio of products and websites.

Here are a few: — this is our joint webpage where we announce products we've created together as well as talk about industry news, special offers, and concepts, strategies, and tactics for building an online business.

Deal of the Week Club — a membership where you will get at least 4 products from us each month just for being a member. It's super affordable, too. — our latest mini-site, where we offer a special report on the WHY and HOW to set up Google+ Pages for a business.

Weekend Product Builder — here, you can get access to a handy report that shows you how to build a product that you can sell online over the course of a weekend.

Weekend Blog Builder — another “build it in a weekend” site, this time about blogging your way to profits.

That's just a few of the things Bryan and I have done over the course of the last 4 months. Time has really flown!

But the other point I wanted to make here is posting frequency in general.

What is a good posting frequency for a website or blog? While there is no perfect answer, what I can say is that you will get better results with higher posting frequencies than with low frequencies.

Once per week is far better than once per month. Once a day is better than once a week. If you have the time, posting 2 or 3 times a day would be awesome.

Look at news sites. They post dozens if not hundreds of times per day. They get a lot of traffic!

Why? Well, first, they are posting what people want to read. There is literally something for everybody if you post enough varied content.

Second, the search engines spider their sites every few minutes, just to keep up. This can send waves of traffic your way because the search engines tend to rank higher those sites that they spider most often.

Third, your content may just get picked up by one of the search engines' offshoot news sites (think Google News). If that happened, your website could be flooded with traffic in a matter of minutes.

All good things.

Which means that even though I am working on JVs and other projects, I have to keep posting here.

I will do my best to post here at least once per week–hopefully, much more frequently than that.


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