Paul Myers Talk Biz
Paul Myers Talk Biz

Talk about a resume! Paul Myers, of TalkBiz fame, has been producing that little “e-rag” (as he calls it) for 15+ years now and it's just as good today as it was when I first started subscribing 5 or so years ago (I checked–I subscribed on July 18, 2008).

I chose to write about Paul first because he was the first real internet marketer I subscribed to and stayed subscribed to. You will find a recurring theme in all the people I've chosen, and Paul Myers is no exception–I own mostly everything he's created, buy a lot of his suggestions, and find myself learning from every email he sends out. Sometimes I learn what he's explicitly teaching; other times, I learn by example. He has a style that is very down home, pragmatic, and totally non-hypey (probably what drew me in the first place and keeps me a subscriber).

Paul not only knows and teaches marketing, but he is also living it every day, “in the trenches,” so to speak. You see, he's a moderator on the ever-popular Warrior Forum, where he gets to see–on a daily basis–the “good, bad, and ugly” when it comes to internet marketing.

He's a good mod, too, in my opinion, often letting people with conflicting opinions “duke it out,” until somebody crosses a well-established line.

Some of Paul's products are below. (Note: below are affiliate links. If you click on a link and then purchase one or more of the products, I may receive a commission.)

  • The BEAST (The Blog and Email Affiliate System) – a simple system that shows you how to supercharge your list-building success as well as how to tie that into your affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Content Cash – a neat way to build your very own “private publishers network” that can get your unique content in front of publishers who need it and their audience who eats it up
  • ProfitPlan – the “secret” to online success

Take a look at them–one or more may resonate with you. I know they did with me. And even if you don't buy anything from Paul, do check out his Talk Biz newsletter–it's a killer internet marketing newsletter that delivers rock-solid marketing guidance, information, and strategies that you really cannot wrong with following.


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