Email List Automation

As you know, the “money is in the list.” Having an email list is like having a Rolodex that you can refer to any time you want to make some extra cash (is there such thing as “extra cash”?); you can “sell” to it any time you want.

Of course, the main purpose of having a list is to interact and build a relationship with each of your list subscribers. Here are a few rules to live by when corresponding with your subscribers:

  • Always use a double-optin method, like AWeber uses.
  • Build a relationship with your subscribers first; sales and profits come later. You have to get their trust first. How do you do this? Offer value.
  • Make constant contact with your subscribers. Don't leave them hanging. Offer free reports, refer them to valuable information on the web (it can be links to your web properties or others' — it doesn't matter as long as you're offering value (there's that word again).
  • Requests to unsubscribe must be fulfilled right away. Don't email the requester with the question, “Why?” You can put a text box on the unsubscribe page asking why, but don't EVER ask Why? after somebody has unsubscribed.
  • In terms of offering value, try attaching PDFs to your emails. I have found higher open rates on emails I send that have attachments. I send out free reports all the time.
  • Send people to your sites and blogs through your emails. There, you can put up offers that people may want to read about.
  • DON'T pepper your subscribers with offers. I will unsubscribe right away if I get 2 or 3 offers in a row from a single online marketer.

I personally use AWeber. I love the services, reliability, and support they offer at a very good price ($19 a month, which is a deal, especially if you consider how much time would be stolen from your day if you had to do all of this manually).

However, there are many solutions out there that offer similar functionality; some are in the form of software you have to install on your own domain to solutions similar to AWeber.

Either way, you need an autoresponder. It makes life so much easier, plus it gives you yet another avenue to connect with your readers. Plus, if you build a quality list, you can market to them in subtle ways while providing value that they expect.

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How to Make a Six-Figure Income Online

If you earnestly want to quit your day job, you need to have a plan to build your business. And the BEST business you can build right now is an online business. Many folks who want to become "Internet Marketers" get bogged down in chasing one "proven method" after another, moving to the next "big thing" before they've fully digested the last "big thing." Below is the order link to Jimmy Brown's "How to Make a Six-Figure Income Online." I won't go on and on about the benefits of getting the report. Let me boil it down to its simplest form:

Jimmy has a plan. He's made literally millions creating and selling information products. He's going to share with you the exact plan that he uses in his own internet business empire.

The report is $9.95. Buy it. Read it. Apply it.

Piggyback Profits

You have undoubtedly heard about or read stories about an "Internet Guru" who, on the first day of his product launch, made $100k.

Or $1 million.

Or whatever.

Some true.

Some not so true. Maybe exaggerated. Perhaps outright lies. However, it has occurred. More than once, too.

How would you feel if you were able to earn that kind of cash in one day? Would it change your life? If not change it, would it make you do a little dance? Pay off some bills? Drive down the debt?

Would it put your mind at ease…just a little bit?

Odds are, you aren't an "Internet Guru."


Someday… Until then, though, it's going to be very hard for you to have such a stupendous product launch. You can make it happen. Here's how.

  • Find a guru to do it for you. There are innovative strategies you can use to entice a real "internet big wig" to promote your product for you.
  • Create a viral lead product that promotes your product. This one works really well.
  • Find an affiliate manager to help you launch your product. Obviously similar to bullet #1, but a little different.

Of course, these are high-level concepts. You can learn more about these "Piggyback" methods here.

Six Steps to Six Figures with List Marketing

You've heard it all before – "The Money is in the list!"

That's partly true.

You have to have ready, willing, and able buyers of whatever it is that you're selling (and it doesn't have to be a product that you created – it could be an affiliate product, a service, or a physical good).

Jimmy Brown is well-known for his success in building email lists of just those buyers – Ready, Willing, and Able. In this report, Six Steps to Six Figures with List Marketing, he tells you exactly how to make profits from an email list. It goes something like this:

  1. Promote your list
  2. Reward the opt-in
  3. Offer a proposal (often neglected)
  4. Fixate attention
  5. Initiate a response
  6. Thwart the filters

Of course, I could lay it all on the line here by re-hashing the report, but why do that?

Jimmy is a consummate professional and I'd be insulting him if I just copied his report and put it in my own words.

Seriously, this is must-have information if you want to build a long-lasting and profitable online business (it works even if you're "offline" as in "brick-and-mortar" or a service business).

(Once you buy the report, you own the Reprint and Resell rights to the book.)

Internet Millions System

What would you do if presented with the chance at earning a full-time income on the internet within 6-12 months from now?

Why take a chance?

Take a sure thing, a system that has been proven time and time again to produce real income from real products. Yes, I'm talking about selling digital products (ebooks) on the internet. The vehicle?

I'll tell you what it's not.

  • It's not Affiliate Marketing (though this is a VERY good method, too, of earning real income on the internet).
  • It's not MLM. I hate that stuff. It drives me batty. Why the government doesn't crack down on these folks is beyond me. It's a Ponzi scheme without the payoff.
  • It's not writing or creating your own work. (Sort of.)

If you haven't guessed by now, the method of selling thousands of dollars worth of product in a short period of time is through Private Label Rights (PLR).

PLR is basically the idea that you buy (or get for free) other people's products, with the right to change, claim ownership, and sell the modified product and have the proceeds – 100% – flow into your bank account.

It's simple in concept, easy to do, and there is PLR content available for virtually any niche.

So, do your keyword research, pick a niche, and then pick up your PLR products from places like:

I've got a great PLR guide that you can purchase for $97 here. It takes all of the guesswork out of building a profitable internet business based on PLR material. It shows you how to do keyword research, register a domain, set up a website, drive traffic through various means, purchase PLR content, market and promote your finished product, etc.

In other words, the WORKS!

You can order a copy of it here.


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