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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 20 Minutes
Pagespeed is a confirmed Google ranking factor on desktop and mobile. Learn how to speed up your WordPress website in 11 simple steps.

How marketers Can Get the Highest ROI Out of Podcasts
Planning, content and guest selection are at the foundation of a successful podcast strategy.

The new at-home lifestyle brought about by the onset of COVID has driven a significant increase in the numbers of listeners and the numbers of programs in the podcasting and audio-streaming space, and where the channel was a secondary or tertiary option for most marketers, having a podcast strategy is now part of many marketing plans for 2021.

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers
Affiliate marketing is all about making choices. There are too many options in the world, and people aren’t sure which to choose. This is where an affiliate marketer comes in. You give them the best choices, so customers won’t need to research everything.

5 Critical On-Page SEO Factors That Impact Your Ranking
People use search engines to find solutions to their problems. And if your product or service isn’t visibly ranking in search as a solution to their problem, that’s a massive missed opportunity for your business.

So what can you do to improve your rankings and where do you even start?

Start by focusing on optimizing your on-page SEO. On-page SEO is one of the most important processes you can use to achieve higher rankings organically and start showing up in front of your target audience.

Holiday 2020: The Best Streaming Sticks and Boxes
Streaming sticks are an essential item in every home, and they're often one of the best gifts that you can put under the tree. Not only are streaming sticks snappier, easier to use, and more reliable than typical smart TVs, but they can integrate with your phone and smarthome gadgets to make life easier.

This one is from Paul Myers of Talkbiz. Here's his tip:

If you get something that says it's from Paypal and you're not sure, forward it (don't copy and paste) to [email protected]. They'll know if it's legit and they can get things shut down pretty quickly if they have the data.

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