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One word can make all the difference

Rarely do I send out a “canned” email from another marketer promoting his or her product(s) without modifying it extensively, but I sent out the below virtually unmodified because I'm in a hurry 🙂

I just tore up my (dead) front lawn. I live in Northern California, where we've been in a drought for 6 or 7 years. Due to my liberal leanings, I took one for the team and rationed water way down, to the point where we stopped watering the landscape I paid thousands for a few years earlier.

(Who knew the drought that had been going on several years would double in length?)

I'm now scraping the top 2 inches off to lay some bricks, put down some slate stepping stones, and plant some drought-resistant plants. I am NOT going to be watering grass any time soon.

Actually, that's a lie. I may plant a very small patch of grass around the tree we're going to plant…but I haven't decided on that yet.

It's going to be 90 degrees here today and I need to get to the gym and then get to work on the yard.

Who ever said home ownership was part of the American Dream? He was an idiot.

Anyhoo…to the real purpose of this post.

I want you to read it because you'll learn a lot from it and get a nice ebook as a bonus.

Okay? Read on.

I’ll get to the “one word” thing in a second. But before I do…

A-List Copywriter Ray Edwards is a strange guy.

First, he lives in the remote Pacific Northwest, on the side of a mountain.

He says Bigfoot is real (he lives in Bigfoot country, if you believe that sort of stuff). I don't believe in Bigfoot but I do love the show, “Finding Bigfoot.”

He is the highest-paid direct response copywriter online (he gets $150,000, non-refundable, cash retainer UP FRONT, plus a percentage of sales!)

He has a WAITING LIST for that deal.

He rejects most of them, and only accepts one every now and then.

But here’s the strangest thing of all…

He is systematically giving away all his best sales copy secrets.

So far, he’s given away:

  1. A free ebook entitled, “The $2 Billion Sales Letter You Never Heard Of”.
  2. A TEACHING video called “How to Sell Anything to Anyone”.
  3. A SECOND VIDEO called “Steal This Email Sequence Generates Sales Every Time”, which included templates and a tutorial.

He’s got a third video that he’s working on, and will release soon…

But today, it’s another SHORT but POWERFUL ebook.

— “The ONE WORD That Doubles Your Sales.”


One word.

This little book can change everything for you.

It can make every sales piece (emails, ads, videos, podcasts, and of course sales letters) twice as effective.

And no, by the way… the word is NOT “I”, “you”, “free” … or anything else you’re probably thinking.

Want to know WHAT the ONE WORD is, and HOW to use it?

Click below to get the ebook now:

One Word


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