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Welcome to another edition of the Once a Week Newsletter! This is Number 22.

Before we get into it, let's talk about Spring. Next week (March 14), we set the clocks ahead one hour (well, most of us in the US do). I still don't know why we do that today.

I guess I get why we did it in the distant past, but now? Seems ancient and outdated.

Spring already seems to be here. After our obligatory February “Snowmageddon,” it's warmed up here where the days' highs are in the 50s, soon to be in the 60s. That's quite balmy for the PNW.

The sun is INTENSE up here. That was the second hardest thing to get used to (though I don't think I'm really used to it yet). The hardest thing? In the Winter, it gets dark around 4pm. It's like, hey work and school are done, let's go out and play…in the fucking dark. LOL

Sunglasses are mandatory in the Spring and Summer here. Something about the Earth's tilt…it doesn't get real hot here but the sun BEATS down on you. Sunscreen is your friend, too.

Monday, we actually returned to the mountains to play in the snow one last time this season. We had a blast. The kids built a fortress and then we had a snowball fight. Kids versus parents.

The parents won. We toppled their fortress.

Truth be told, that wore me out. The elevation, excitement, and damn, I'm getting old all led to exhaustion.

We had the hillside to ourselves for a few hours. Just about when we were ready to leave, a mom and son wandered up with their dog.

They came and went.

They were the only people we saw that day. It was nice.

So I guess the message is live in the moment, take it all in, and live life.

…Even when life is kind of upside down. COVID has taken its toll on all of us. Cabin fever is real. I'm just glad we don't still live in our tiny house in the Bay Area. 1,000 square feet was small…and I think we'd have killed each other during this pandemic.

At the end of it all, you make the best of every situation. We'd have survived, but it would have sucked. So glad we moved.

This place is gorgeous, too. You should visit when that sort of thing becomes possible again. (We're getting there – vaccines should be available to everybody over the next few months. COOL thing about COVID? Seems that the flu has been nearly eradicated. That's a good thing.)

Alright, onto OWN #22…

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Clubhouse: The Great, the Bad, and the Very Worrisome
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NOTE: I am NOT on Clubhouse. They made it so only iPhone/Crapple users can use Clubhouse, so fuck 'em.

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As always, make it a great day!



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