I will start off by saying that I don't do reviews. I'm not an objective person at all. If I like something, I will tell you so. If I don't like something, I'll tell you and 50 of my closest friends. (I don't really have 50 friends, but you get my point.)

The other day, I picked up this video called "Offline Marketing in 4 Minutes" by a guy named Tim Castleman. Okay, he's not just some guy.

He's a real-life "offline expert" – he helps traditional "mom & pop" type small businesses with their online and offline marketing. He's quite good at it, too.

Anyway, in this video, Tim lays out an entire offline business plan in just a few minutes, telling you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step to get offline clients to buy your services. He goes over how to find leads, how to approach them, and reveals that — just like dating — it's a numbers game.

He focuses not on "conversions" (a typical metric for Internet Marketing folks); rather, he looks at ROI — Return On Investment. For example, say he sent out 100 postcards at $1 each (physical postcard plus postage) and he "only" got 1 paying customer, but that customer shelled out $4,500 for his services.

The conversion rate is only 1 percent. However, his ROI is $4,400!

In any case, you'll get how to do all of this yourself when you buy the video. He throws in a couple more things, but it's the video that counts.

It's $37. Just think what your ROI could be if it just 5 clients for you…

Here's the link:

== > Offline Marketing in 4 Minutes

PS — Tim doesn't do refunds and neither do I (on his stuff). So make sure you're willing to lay a couple twenties on the table before you buy.


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