I am not an internet marketer

The more I do this thing called “internet marketing,” the more I dislike the term and want to go find or create a different one. But for now, I'm no longer calling myself an internet marketer.

So what is it that I am?

I am an entrepreneur. I see opportunities in the marketplace (and in individual markets) and I try to fill needs. I look for people who have a problem or a passion, and I supply them with a solution or an outlet.

It's that easy.

Trust Me I am a Pro Blogger

I also like to write, so this is right up my alley. In a large way, I'm a professional blogger, but that's not all I do. I also write books and reports that people buy that help them fill that need I talked about.

Now, I market my merchandise on the internet, so I do internet marketing. Just like a painter may advertise his services on the internet; nobody would call him an internet marketer. He's a painter, and that's obvious. He may ask for some help from somebody like me; in that case, I'd apply what I know about marketing online and apply it to his business, rather than to mine.


It's kind of like calling Picasso “a painter.” Sure, he paints, but he's an artist. Now, I'm not saying that I am the Picasso of the online marketing world. Far from it. I'm a helluva lot less abstract, for one thing. I internet market, but I'm an entrepreneur. Remember?

Makes sense to me.

Sometimes, it takes me years to figure these things out. And sometimes, I have to figure them out more than once because I couldn't remember how I arrived at the very same conclusion years ago.


Anyhow, internet marketing is what I do. But I am NOT an internet marketer.


internet marketer

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