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I hate April Fool's Day. So many pranks, and most of them aren't funny.

But I can assure you that what I'm about to tell you is not a prank or a joke.


I create dozens of websites a year. I only use WordPress now. It's all about speed of implementation and speed to market.

I've used my share of themes, too. And most of them are “just okay.” Some, of course, are great.

And others are, well, not so great. Bad, in fact. ​​​​​​​Really bad.


My theme framework of choice is Genesis. And I love their child themes (StudioPress).

I use them exclusively now. The only times I don't use them is when I'm working with clients who just have to use something else.

Despite my protestations.

StudioPress themes coupled with Thrive Content Builder (for building kick-a$$ landing, sales, and squeeze pages) is my go-to combo for building great-looking (and, more importantly, in my not-so-humble opinion, great-performing) websites.

I can quickly get a website online (less than 5 minutes), install the theme, set it up, and have a brand new online business up and running in a couple of hours.

I wouldn't use anything else. And trust me — I've explored a whole lot of alternatives.


While you can purchase the Genesis framework by itself and then purchase themes one-at-a-time, if you're like me and build dozens of websites a year, it's best if you buy the whole she-bang at once.

That's what I did, years ago.

Here's the non-April Fool's joke: Rainmaker Digital (makers of Genesis and StudioPress themes) is changing their pricing model.

On April 1, their “Pro Plus All-Theme Pack” will change from a single payment plan to an “activation + recurring annual payment” plan ($499.95 + $99.95 per year).

Up 'til then, however, you can just pay the $500 and be done with it.

Either way, this is what you get:

  • All current StudioPress themes — there are 37 as of right now
  • All future StudioPress themes — several are currently in development
  • All design, security, and functionality updates
  • All current and future third-party themes added to Pro Plus — there are 10 currently
  • Support for all themes — they support StudioPress themes, while the third-party developers support their themes

​​​​​​​There really isn't a better package of WordPress themes around. Give StudioPress a look before it's too late.



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