See what I did there?

Ernest and Julio Gallo have the largest winery in the world today.

80 brands, 90 countries, 20,000 acres of vineyards across California.

Located virtually in my backyard…

The Gallos wanted to get into the wine business, right after prohibition. It was 1933.

They didn’t have much money, so Ernest borrowed some money from his mother-in-law.

They knew nothing about wine, so they went to the McHenry Research Library in Modesto.

Read that again. They went to the local library. Read to the end for my point. 

They spoke to the librarian and they couldn’t find any books on wine because prohibition had just ended.

Then she said, “Wait a second. I think we have some pamphlets.”

They all went down to the basement.

They found some pamphlets written by a college professor from UC Davis (my alma mater, and a huge wine making school) years before prohibition.

The pamphlets were exactly what they needed.

The librarian said, “You can take the pamphlets. We don’t need them.”

The Gallos were in their 20s.

They had a big family, who worked for them in the wine business. They have over 6000 employees, worldwide, now.

They wanted to hire a winemaker.

They couldn’t afford him, so they had to do it themselves, and they did okay.

The company is still going, and it’s still a family-owned company.

The Gallos now say, “This was the beginning of our knowledge about making commercial wines, such as how to have a sound, clean fermentation, all that stuff.”

The Gallos run the biggest winery in the world.

Now, I don't like wine. In fact, I can't stand the taste. And I know Gallo wine isn't high on the wine snob list.

But what I do know is this: If you want to create something TODAY, you have no excuses.

Money, resources, and information are all standing by, at the ready.

From crowdfunding to your local library and the internet to outsourcing sites like eLance…if you have an idea, a dream, and persistence, you can build something.



Don't hesitate. Just do it.

Need funding for your brilliant idea and don't have a rich mother-in-law? Crowdfunding may be your ticket.

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