There’s a new report in town, and it’ll help you evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of your landing pages Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The new report will compare the following metrics:

Average engagement time per session


New users


Total revenue

Why we care. You can find the Landing page report in the Engagement topic in the left navigation of your dashboard. If the Engagement topic section isn’t there, you can add the report through the report library. 

Use the report to evaluate the effectiveness of your landing pages. If you don’t have GA4 set up yet, use this guide to walk you through the process.

New report types. Google continues to add new report types in GA4. Here are the latest.

Views per Session and Average Session Duration

Hour and date dimensions

Demographic and Tech details

Traffic Acquisition

Dig deeper. Read the help article from Google to find out how to filter, customize, and adjust the report.

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