mad dogs are good at motivation
A couple dogs like this one motivated me more than once in my youth

When I was a kid, I lived in the country. I rode my bike everywhere I wanted to go.

But I had a way with finding the rabid, meanest dogs in Brentwood.

I probably wasn't alone in that regard, but it sure felt like it.

This one time, I rode out to my friend David's house. I took a shortcut through an orchard.

Bad idea.

Two dogs took exception to my traipsing through their little slice of heaven…

And made me suffer a momentary living hell.

They chased me. They were nipping at my ankles. I kicked at them but kept on pedaling.

But I made it there! WHEW (wiping my memory's forehead).

I guess at some point the dogs felt like they'd made their point: I wouldn't come in their orchard again.

(Don't tell them this, but they were right.)

That horrific episode scared me to death. I never rode through that orchard again.

Reminds me of another story that is sure to motivate you.

Jackrabbit2 crop

There was a group of dogs hanging around and all of a sudden one of the dogs saw a rabbit and started chasing the rabbit.

All the other dogs were watching the dog chase the rabbit.

The dog was faster. Or so you'd think.

But the dog didn't catch the rabbit.

The rabbit got away.

When the dog got back to all of his doggie friends, all the other dogs were saying, “You couldn’t catch a rabbit – what’s wrong with you?”

The poor, defeated dog said, “I’ll tell you why I didn’t catch the rabbit.

“I learned a very important lesson today.

“See, I was running for my dinner but the rabbit was running for her life.”

That's motivation right there!

When you're being chased down by dogs who can surely eat you, you run (or ride) like your life depended on it.

Because it does.

That's how business works, too. Hustle like your life depends on it.

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