Quick Tip: This is my super-awesome pricing strategy for small reports I write.

I love "small reports." These are reports that generally run anywhere from 7-15 pages that are packed full of awesome content. Generally, they are not theory but real-world "how-to" reports.

In other words, they're highly useful. Imagine that.

A good example is Backlink Bankroll. It's a 7-page report that shows you the exact syntax you need to enter in a Google search to find specific blog commenting "footprints."

So here's my super-awesome and super-secret pricing model: A buck a page. I don't quibble over content versus title page and appendix and stuff like that. I simply convert my document to a PDF and look at the page count. That then becomes the retail cost.

Sale price is 50 cents per page. So a 10-page report, including title and other "non-content" pages, is $10 retail, $5 on sale. Sale prices are used in places like the Warrior Forum. Of course, you can add a whole bunch of "scarcity ploys" to bump up the price, like "limited time only" sales and dimesales.

Longer reports may have a different pricing strategy altogether. You may find a 50-page report goes for $97 retail and $49 sale.

But the gist of the strategy is to keep it simple. $1 per page for small reports. End of story.

By the way, an excellent long report on using small reports in your business is The Copy System.


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