Moving to Additional Business Models Once You’re in a Niche

Can you move onto other business models in your niche marketing? Of course.

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Are you having trouble choosing a business model?

Of course, I want you to choose just one for now. I want you to focus and stick with the business model and the niche you choose today.

It’s so important to see this through and to not get distracted by everything else that’s going on around you. Turn off those emails that are arriving in your inbox by the minute, if you need to.

After you’ve started to become successful with one particular business model or project, it’s completely fine to add additional projects.

You can be:

  • a blogger,
  • a Facebook marketer,
  • an info-product creator,
  • and a Kindle author

You can completely dominate your niche by entering into tons of different projects. You can combine all of these business models to fit under the umbrella of your business as a whole.

You’re never married to just one business model.

You’re never married to just one niche.

What I want you to be married to is the fact that you’re going to see this one thing through until you’re successful. Then you’re going to add on additional business models and additional niches so you can become truly successful online. This is really exciting, and I hope you can see just how this can change your life.

Takeaway: Before you branch out into other business models, get this first one right.

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