Friday, I sent out a list of software I use on my laptop. If you missed it, you can subscribe here.

Several of you asked what I install on my desktop. And a couple of you wanted to know what else I used, as in websites and browser extensions.

More on all of that later, in other posts and emails.

Today, I want to talk about productivity.

But not in get-more-done-in-less-time variety.

Nope. More to the point. Most of us get in our own way.

I admit – I have a gift. Maybe it's a talent or skill. I don't know what it is, exactly.

But know that it gives me an advantage.

I know how to get out of my way and accomplish a LOT. When I feel like it 🙂

I call it, “Getting shit done,” but I think that title has already been taken.

You can do lots of shit with good tools
A small team built a replica of Noah's ark.

See, I use tools to make everything I do go faster. But if you don't have the right mindset, you can have a shop full ‘o tools and Noah still can't build his ark (but these guys did).

Now, I'm NOT trying to get all metaphysical on ya. I don't mean mindset in the hokey entrepreneurial Tony Robbins way.

I mean getting down to business: I want to accomplish this, here's how I do it, and I get it done.

Three things help:

  1. A comfortable environment
  2. I need to be relaxed
  3. I need to have “pre-thought”

I'm not one of those who can go to a coffee shop or library and work. I can go there to research, read, de-compress, and “pre-think.” That IS work, but it's not creative. I'm talking here about creating assets that I can sell or use to get more business.

I need my office to really get down to business. I have whiteboards, headphones, music, and all the tools on my desktop PC, readily available.

I also need to be well-rested and relaxed. This means I needed to get 7-8 hours of full-on sleep the night before. Interestingly, my best “creative productivity” comes later in the day, usually after I work out.

The body is tired, but the brain is ready to fire on all cylinders. I've listened to great music, worked my ass off, sweated a lot, and purged my body of negative thoughts.

(Some of my best workouts come when I'm upset about something.)

Plus, I'm usually super-relaxed by this point.

Last, the pre-thinking.

“Bill,” you may ask, “what does that even mean?”

It means I literally use my subconscious to do the “work” before it gets put down on digital paper (that could mean typing or talking, in front of a camera or not).

I won't go into the pre-thinking process I use just yet. Look for that in a later post/email.


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