Big ticket items are key to building a sustainable business
Sell big ticket items? Want to?

Big Ticket Dashboard

I'll say it upfront: Point & Click is Bullshit.

You gotta “DO.”

Nothing about running a real business is “point & click” simple. Nothing worth doing is easy.

You have to put in the work.

People think that basketball was easy for Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. Jordan didn't even make the team when he was in high school. His story of going home to cry in his pillow is legendary.

In 1978, Michael Jordan was just another kid in the gym, along with 50 or so of his classmates, trying out for the Emsley A. Laney High School varsity basketball team. There were 15 roster spots. Jordan—then a 15-year-old sophomore who was only 5'10” and could not yet dunk a basketball—did not get one. His close friend, 6'7” sophomore Leroy Smith, did. The team was in need of his length. “It was embarrassing not making the team,” Jordan later said. He went home, locked himself in his room and cried.

Curry, even though his dad was an NBA star, didn't get recruited by any Division I schools.

Jerry Rice, the best receiver of all time in the NFL, went to Mississippi Valley State (a football nobody). He dropped a lot of balls his first couple years.

And he was slow–a 4.71 40 for a wide receiver? Appalling.

Now, don't get me wrong. Those guys are talented. But they weren't the BEST until they began DOING.

They are well-known for their practice time, often hitting the court or field before their teammates and leaving long after their team left for the day.


Slackers get shit done
Are you a productive slacker?

I'm not saying business is all work and no play. Hell, I'm the biggest slacker I know.

But when I need to get shit done, I just roll up my sleeves and DO it.

What's this all about?

It's about putting systems in place and working the systems. You see, those guys designed their lives around their livelihood. They built systems that were repeatable. Where they trained their mind/muscles every day to achieve their goals.

I have a system I want to share with you. I didn't create it. Somebody way smarter and more successful did.

He's been putting these systems together in “dashboards” for a while now. And he's been “internet marketing” since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

His name is Marlon Sanders. His latest dashboard is called the “Big Ticket Dashboard.”

I got it yesterday. I plan on using it to promote all of my ventures in 2016, including Kindle launches, Udemy courses, my new Mastermind (see sig below), and an online summit I'm putting together with a partner. And whatever else I do 🙂


Marlon is a master at breaking things down into little tiny chunks. Chunks that even a bird brain like me can handle.

In all seriousness, he took something really difficult (selling high-ticket items in the $2k and up range) and broke it into 30 smallish pieces.

step-by-stepThe truth is, you can apply this same method to darn-near anything. It doesn't have to be high-dollar.


There are six “steps” to getting started. Six for the next phase, advertising. Six for the 3rd phase, “webinar to app,” etc. In total, as you can see up above, there are 5 “weekly steps” or phases, with 6 steps to each.

Pretty slick. I have actually wanted to make some dashboards myself but I'm afraid Marlon would beat the crap outta me if I did…

But I like the concept. After all, I'm a “step-by-step” guy myself (and you know this if you've ever taken my training courses or attended my events).

Big Ticket Dashboard gets my highest recommendation.


big ticket dashboard

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