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Using Story the Right Way

Discover the power of narrative marketing and how to use stories effectively in your marketing strategy. Learn why storytelling works, how to avoid common mistakes, and the seven essential elements of a compelling story. By making your customers the heroes of your brand's story, you can connect with them on a deeper level and achieve marketing success.


ChatGPT plugins: 20+ of the best and how to install and use them

Unlock a new world of possibilities with ChatGPT plugins – from ordering from your favorite local store to talking to Google Sheets, these add-ons take your AI queries to the next level. With hundreds of options available, the plugin store is growing rapidly, allowing you to personalize and enhance your ChatGPT experience. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, follow simple steps to add and activate plugins, and discover the best add-ons to maximize your interactions with the chatbot.


How to Test Your WordPress Site for Functionality, Speed, and Security

Testing your WordPress website is crucial to ensure its smooth functioning and user experience. By setting up a staging site or a local environment, you can safely experiment with updates, design changes, and new plugins without affecting your live site. Testing allows you to identify and fix issues, optimize speed and security, and maintain the performance of your website, while preserving the user experience and preventing any negative impact on your business.


Link intent: How to combine great content with strategic outreach

AI's impact on SEO will increase competition with AI-generated content and search results, making the establishment of authority crucial. Instead of relying on spammy link-building tactics, creating content with link intent, focusing on value and relevance, will naturally attract quality backlinks and drive referral traffic. This integrated approach aligns content creation and link building, producing a snowball effect that saves time and enhances the brand's reputation.


Google E-E-A-T: Should We Search for Other Articles with High Backlink Profiles?

Learn how to ensure your content meets Google's E-E-A-T criteria for better rankings. Discover the four factors that Google cares about: Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. While backlinks are important, focusing on high-quality content and ethical practices is key to building a trusted brand reputation and achieving long-term SEO success.


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