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Google Removes Several Search Ranking Algorithm Updates from Ranking Systems Page

Google has removed several page experience-related ranking systems from its documented Google ranking systems page. The page experience system, the mobile-friendly system, page speed system and the secure site system are all gone. Comparing the live page to the archived page reveals that Google has completely removed the page experience system from the page and it was not even moved to the “retired” systems section.

It is unclear whether these algorithm updates mattered at all to the overall Google ranking system. Google revised its helpful content guidance to include page experience while at the same time removing the page experience report and mobile usability report from Google Search Console. In a blog post explaining these changes, Google wrote that the page experience update was always just a “concept” and added it was never a “separate ranking system”.


How to Install and Run ChatGPT as a Windows App

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot built on OpenAI's language models that only operates as a web app. However, this article provides steps on how to run ChatGPT as a Windows app using Microsoft Edge or create a Chrome shortcut for it. Additionally, the article compares ChatGPT and Bing's implementation of the AI chatbot and discusses their differences in purpose, conversational language, data accuracy, mathematical precision, security measures, accessibility, sign-up process, functionality, and fees.


How to Customize the New Tab Page in Google Chrome

This article explains how to customize the Google Chrome New Tab page by adding shortcuts to websites, changing the wallpaper, and customizing information cards. To set the home page in Google Chrome, users need to enable the Home button and choose the preferred option. Changing the wallpaper on the New Tab page involves selecting an image from a collection or uploading one from the device. Editing shortcuts on the New Tab page allows users to choose their own shortcuts or most visited sites. Users can also customize the information cards that appear below the shortcuts by toggling them on or off. Finally, users can change the Chrome theme by selecting a color or a custom color.


Top 9 WordPress Technical SEO Issues

The article discusses common technical issues that WordPress site owners must fix to ensure maximum SEO value from the platform. These issues include setting up Google Analytics 4 before the July deadline, passing Core Web Vitals on WordPress, removing internal permalink redirects, fixing link targets, fixing broken links, optimizing sidebars, reinforcing E-E-A-T in 2023, and addressing accessibility concerns. The author emphasizes that focusing on these technical aspects can quickly and easily improve SEO, increase traffic, and boost revenue for WordPress sites.


YouTube Music Now Has Podcasts (Sort Of)

Google has integrated podcast support into YouTube Music, with podcasts appearing as a separate section in search results and a “Podcasts” tab on the desktop site's home page. Progress made in a podcast on the main YouTube app also appears on YouTube Music, and vice versa, without requiring a YouTube Premium subscription. However, YouTube Music's podcast support is limited as it only allows listening to content uploaded directly to YouTube and does not offer RSS feed imports or access to shows from other podcast apps.


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