Yesterday, I embarked on a little venture where I signed up on Fiverr to do what they call “gigs.”

My gig is that I will write one article on a topic of your choosing that is at least 500 words long. All for $5.

I am not entirely mad. Really. I promise.

I have ulterior motives. What's new, right? 🙂

You see, I fashion myself as a pretty competent writer. I like writing and I'm very good at it. But I want to get faster while maintaining my quality. So I thought that I should start writing more. But that wasn't enough.

I know me. I know that sometimes I'm more motivated to help others than to help myself. So putting up this gig serves at least two purposes:

  1. I am forced to be a faster writer. At $5 a pop, I won't get rich writing 1 article an hour. I'd like to write 10 an hour.
  2. I'm getting paid to improve my writing skills. I think that's pretty brilliant.

Oh, and I guarantee delivery within 24 hours. So even if I get a backlog, I still have plenty of time to put the pedal to the metal.

If you would like me to write a 500-word article on any topic, buy a gig from me on Fiverr. Besides $5,what do you have to lose?


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  • Getting paid to practice–Ingenious idea, Bill.

    My hat’s off to you. I’ve done some writing for other people as well, and it is very tough. Especially when you have exciting subject matter such as hosting and keyword tools as your subject.




    • Thanks, Norma 🙂 I wish more people had taken me up on the offer, though. I got 9 orders in all–from 2 people! I guess one of the guys really liked my stuff 🙂

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